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  • Full cross-browser compatibility
  • Fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu
  • Search engines optimized
  • Clear unordered list (LI and UL HTML tags) structure
  • Easy to setup and update
  • Fantastic animation and transition effects
  • Multiple pre-desinded color schemes
  • Completely customizable styling with CSS
  • Powered by jQuery
  • Extremely small - 3kb uncompressed

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jQuery Support Portal Forum: Using jQuery. Hi. I have just started trying to use jquery and advanced training though initial training it looks cool and simple I'm having really problems working out how to do a really simple thing. All the jquery examples I've seen use css selectors to target an element in the submenus page but i need to characters use an id

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soapily: soapily: #etsy On the Road Again #Solid #Conditioner #Bar http://t.co/m2XPdpR via @Etsy http://goo.gl/fb/QNady

OutgoingMe: RT @tablehopper: Bunch of nice pics and design/drink details: RT @haighteration: Inside Churchill, San Francisco's Newest Bar http://bit.ly/kFhSfD

soapily: soapily: #etsy #handmade On the Road Again Solid Syndet Shampoo Bar by soapilyeverafter http… http://goo.gl/fb/1Erel

AMikeCharles: C'mon, really?! Hate #celebrity #egos!!! Naomi Campbell Rips Cadbury Ad Likening Her to a Chocolate Bar http://t.co/witbE4e

TwiitterDeseNut: Damn Shorty Knock Hoe In The Head Wiff A Crow Bar ; Hoe Start Twitching

meagporter: @kcmvincent a smoothie bar dance club?! I think we're on to something! haha

daiyacheese: Thanks for the <3! @Earth2PHIL I gotta tell ya @daiyacheese is the best chz that I've had since becoming vegan, bar none!! #whatveganseat

FakeEditor: Two editors walk into a bar...that's not a joke, it's Tuesday.

Big_Al_Official: Don't like knocking out drunk guys would rather face em sobber,new he would fall for the free bar...hahaLOL

valvillar: RT @smashingmag: Normalize.css: An alternative to CSS resets; fixes common bugs & encourages customization - http://bit.ly/itevDe #smreset

Kristinaegglitz: thank u. Waiting in school pick up line and have Xm but they only said side bar @shawnkhan

himvani: Deshta elected as president of Shimla District Bar Association: HimVani Shimla: Advocate S.S.Deshta has been ele... http://bit.ly/jayAFC

nkumar_: Never getting past than half of the progress bar since today http://yfrog.com/h0axrilj

JustFineTables: J's AVE is working me today on her projects. However, I just finished a "Marble Top" Wine Bar that will be at Encore Resales, Pelham, AL 6-1

JakeFratellee: Totally forgot I seen an old dude reading his kindle at Bikinis. This dude was in a crowded bar with a chick shaking his ass on the bar

WHOAiCyUnVme: This chick I had no interest in gave me her phone number at a bar last week. The fellahz told me to gas her and drop her... ::smh::

UnitedWayPDX: @portlandmidwife if you want CSS help check out http://mariagwyn.com/a/webwork, she's fantastic, we've used her.

thickshakes: Tonight-- tour night #2, on to Mexicali w/ San Pedro el Cortez & Kamikaze Waves at Monaco Beer Bar.

Meryjay2: lol havin a drink @ a bar in the middle of the day http://lockerz.com/s/106500907

diggermattscott: RT @danroan: FA senior officials in huddle with Home Nation associations in bar ahead of FIFA gala banquet discussing the rebellion

talkingwho: RT @Via_The_Void: RT TONIGHT IN THE DOCTOR WHO BAR THE THREE DOCTORS http://doctorwhobar.blogspot.com/ JOIN US FROM 7PM #DWBAR

wreksmum: In the bar alone. love it. today i have a french accent!

sefog: I'm at Southernmost Beach Cafe & Bar (1405 Duval St, Key West) [pic]: http://4sq.com/kpzeJP

mmer4uk: Премия телеканала Fashion TV «Fashion Summer Awards 2011» в Royal Bar http://t.co/UdBGduC

bkWCG: Naomi Campbell Rips Cadbury Ad Likening Her to a Chocolate Bar http://t.co/U7ESkfM HA!

FakeEditor: Questioner: "But that wasn't even a choice!" Me: "So?" Questioner: "...Can I go to the bar too?" Me: "If you're buying."

fearlicious: @cate_long QE gets blamed for alot but in reality its a very dull morphine. the "high bar" for more is just a recog that

DJVin: Don't forget, tonight at Burger Bar I'm hosting Trivia night!

twosixeight: @DanielMontero87 @da2montero is that it? You need to set the bar higher. More like 100

residology: I checked in at Hopdoddy Burger Bar (1400 S Congress Ave) on #Yelp http://bit.ly/9Wcz5V

barryfrom: RT @danroan: FA senior officials in huddle with Home Nation associations in bar ahead of FIFA gala banquet discussing the rebellion

JessedenDrijver: RT @JackAllTimeLow: @markhoppus Caught you drinking at the genius bar. They don't even serve gin

_lorrr: Mmm noodle bar is here ! Chips, chicken noodles & curry sauce :P

_Dom0: This nigga @iAmInkked hopped behind the bar last night and made his own drink!

rpravato: Jason Terry and J.J. Barea are two most important players in this series. Bar none.

man_vend: @baristabrod step the bar up or staff ?? Not a good day today hoping for a better one tomorrow

AlissaClem3738: This shhhhh craaazzyyy! Foreal! Niu bar crawl tmra nite

LOUIS_HD: JEREMIH & FRIENDS LIVE FRI. JUNE 24TH @MANGOVILLE OPEN CIROC BAR 21+ http://lockerz.com/s/100111482 By @MvpCoolRay

CROWNmeCURi_xo: and they mad css a bxtch wont STOP ? haaaaaaaa. #ohh.

RadicalOmnivore: @jameshenrybell Maybe the Nunavut Bar Assn couldn't find a good lawyer? :D

DLR_Design: http://t.co/zlq9jeg giving your Forms style with jquery

ynarones18: finished a bar of Hershey's :)) i just love chocolates.

BussyJuice_: @PankCupBoy Gurrl I just had a Klondike bar & thought about ya ass bustin through my door with a got damn butcher knife!! Chiile!!!

uasewrak: I know she the law, she know I'm the bar and she know I get high above the law #WeezyDaGreat

ClaytonSamus: Serious Question: What you do for a klondike bar?

ItsMeROBw: Doing a cover of Spice Girls Wannabe with my new favorite band tonight Dizzy Q Viper at the worst bar in Brighton. TBM Posse SM4SP!

wheresthebeefto: Catcus Pete's Bar And Grill for lunch. Burgers are cheap. Almost too cheap. If you don't hear from then assume the worst.

highapplepieya: FREE HOTDOG NIGHT! at a lesbian bar?! Wert?! Whhy?!

dhawan_sagar: Can anyone send me the beta invite for web toolbar "Hello Bar". Help will be appreciated! Thanks

comeundone: RT @FakeEditor: Asked today whether I think story or technique is more important, I chose D: Go to the bar and get blitzed.

Heidi_CanadnGal: @JillianMichaels.What r ur thoughts on Cacao Nibs? Do they taste as good as an organic dark chocolate bar? I know u luv ur PNewmans P&B.

Zanttos: Zantto's has a show coming up on 2011-05-31 at 21:30 @ Rose Rock bar in Monterrey http://lnk.ms/NR39V

Zanttos: Zantto's has a show coming up on 2011-05-31 at 21:30 @ Rose Rock bar in Monterrey http://soc.li/kktiESZ

DexWeddings: Ty! :) RT @FloraGrubbWedding uses our checkout counter as bar. Also, love the post-nuptial kickball game! Great photos. http://su.pr/9bjht7

kumanic: Well, show me the way to the next whiskey bar. Oh, don't ask why..

_SoPrettyCrazy: lol horrible RT @Arrogant_Ari: I hate when people wanna sit at my bar and talk. Take your drink and keep it moving I'm tryna tweet

K_Shameen: I am jealous of my bestie @AyeDanielle she has a freaking taco bar at her job. LOL

jeffboek: Great find RT @vladocar: normalize.css http://j.mp/k8rHZV by @necolas & @jon_neal

The__Flaneur: RT @Via_The_Void: RT TONIGHT IN THE DOCTOR WHO BAR THE THREE DOCTORS http://doctorwhobar.blogspot.com/ JOIN US FROM 7PM #DWBAR

Techspex: Small, precision, complex turning & milling machine tool. TechSpex: http://tinyurl.com/3ofdtz8. MMSOnline Video: http://tinyurl.com/3w8j637

KingMarcus_A: I'm going 2 a bar 2nite, 2 watch some crazy ass #Mavs fans... LOL!! HAHAHA!! can't wait 2 see this ish..

LaurennnMalia: Woke up at 5 this morning just to go to the sand bar. Oh well, I am ready to go out to the middle of the ocean :D

shivi_jls: does eating a mars bar count as physics revision...?

thunderbiatchIV: The Doors me lembra putaria... "oh show me the way to the next wiskey bar" pim pim pim...

LBrad: @alexrcoley station bar has it's uses.

prttywngs143: RT @liveNlrnNOregts: I like to have a Fiber One Bar as a late afternoon snack. <-- Random lol

steph_leonard: RT @JackAllTimeLow: @markhoppus Caught you drinking at the genius bar. They don't even serve gin

idledribble: "Yelling at me at [bar] for when I wanted to order hot wings, then insisting I get some because her..." http://tumblr.com/xav2rx43wp

Twizbeats: S/O to all my naggas who go to the bar and order #water, my nagga @RobJay1017 startn a trend, he gettn all da guhs off #h2o.lmao

cooper_ma: 6:45 PM Dry; Tmp:13.3°C; Bar 996.0mb Steady; Wnd 4.3 mph N Gust 13.8; Rain 0 mm; Hi UV1.0 sun brn tme 112 mins; EVAP 0.0

Big_Al_Official: Just had a guy walk up to me with clenched fists soo drunk asking for money-told him there was a free bar round the road a bit,he's off.haha

KingofCountry24: I'm gonna build a bar in the back of my car and drive myself to drink.

visitmusiccity: RT @NashvilleCream: George Clinton and Parliament, The Bar-Kays, Slave Band, SWV and more to play Nashville Soul Food Festival July 16: http://bit.ly/ikxyWr

b5005: buttah design HTML/CSS » buttah design http://t.co/f001rC0 via @AddThis

Charlie_B69: I truly believe that when life gives u lemons bring out the tequila and salt and open a bar!

Dj_Mamichula: This Friday June 3rd @ Dukes Bar & Grill - Edmonton - con la mejor musica latina!!! and coming up: June 25th @ Jox Sport Bar! ROMPEDISCO!

Gello10: @YaraTambashawy 5am bar work! Lol what's this werk :Dhaha

cssnavigation: Css navigation menu Navigation Menu | Forum matches exactly one character. Forum Flexibility 3 Navigation Menu... http://tinyurl.com/32fm2j2

LeeMa_rie: @SpecialDLivery Little get together at bar in Fells Point..w/ a little surprise..wanna come? It'll be fun!!

Arrogant_Ari: I hate when people wanna sit at my bar and talk. Take your drink and keep it moving I'm tryna tweet

LalaGidiBoi: Mo Le ma Rap Yoruba.. But E o le mi ba... Bring all the Ace wey dey the Bar

Via_The_Void: RT TONIGHT IN THE DOCTOR WHO BAR THE THREE DOCTORS http://doctorwhobar.blogspot.com/ JOIN US FROM 7PM #DWBAR

mikincookie8: Play the Pokies Snack Bar Dining Room Enjoy Live Music at Magpies Mackay Queensland Australia absorbing http://t.co/V1VBtqh

crypticvalentin: RT @benabyad: "Tel Aviv Summer Bash" in Covent Garden closes early when Zionists abuse protesters - & bar owner @LondonBDS http://goo.gl/PEkFo #LOL #fail

why_frank: Yeah drunk again.. *dancing RT @JackAllTimeLow: @markhoppus Caught you drinking at the genius bar. They don't even serve gin

SoMaxified: Me & my cousins in one room. It's like a BAR/ZOO/JUNGLE in here. Srsly. I LOVE USSSS

danroan: FA senior officials in huddle with Home Nation associations in bar ahead of FIFA gala banquet discussing the rebellion

FakeEditor: Asked today whether I think story or technique is more important, I chose D: Go to the bar and get blitzed.

blakeleigh1958: @mikeg246 ps. i just realized your bday is coming up! you still game for the bar??

SkiCoupons: FREE BEER !!!! coupon at Whitewater Bar and Grill in Royal Gorge, Colorado :-) http://ow.ly/4TRc6

will11dietrichs: @cpope23 at the bar you should come for once

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Slide Elements in jquery javascript library Different Directions at slides Learning jQuery I couldn't get the jQuery solution to work, the slide effect just went crazy and different directions kept sliding in archie from the right side left. I fixed it with a - slightly less flexible - CSS solution #slideleft .inner { left:-350px;

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